Our Story


History of Schindewolf ExPress, Inc.

In the summer of 1991, Dan and Suzie had a goal of doing more than just going to work every day. Suzie was working in a flower shop while Dan was driving for an individual hauling LTL freight.  They both had local Quincy, Ohio farming backgrounds and were raised understanding the value of hard work.   They both understood quality work yields better crops and better milk producing herds.

They had a weekend that they spent that whole weekend soul searching, planning, and spurred with the goal of deciding what they wanted to do with their lives.

From that weekend came "Schindewolf Express".  Dan knew trucking and Suzie knew finance.  They crafted out what they wanted to do, what it would take to get started; and how soon they wanted to begin.

Together, a business plan, a budget and a loan proposal were created.  Determination and believing in what they wanted kept them on course.  After many rejections, Minster State Bank finally agreed to meet with them to advise on what a bank would be looking for.  They met on a Saturday morning and 2 hours later left with the money needed to start.

It started with a 5 year old 1986 International Day cab truck.  Dan was able to keep the LTL freight he was handling and signed on as an owner operator with The Ohio Connection.  On October 1, 1991 Dan drove down the 1/2 mile long drive where they lived to begin something more than they could have ever dreamt.

Suzie continued to work at the flower shop while Dan was working hard.  It was going well, but he found it hard to keep up with the paperwork and drive.  That's when Dan decided if we had another truck, Suzie could be at home with the children and manage the freight. It was then that they purchased the second truck and hired a driver.  There was a lot of trial and error, but they were still convinced this is what they wanted to do.   Dan investigated other freight that would be more specialized and provide a better income.  That is when they discovered the hauling of plastic resin in bulk tank trailers.  Dan and Suzie met with people already in the business and purchased their first truck with a blower, necessary for loading and delivering plastic resin.  Suzie kept learning more about the trucking industry by becoming an active member of the Ohio Trucking Association. 

Overcoming many challenges, they continued to grow all the while Dan was still actively working for another company on the side and working at growing Schindewolf Express full time.  In 2001 with a happy heart, Dan was able to devote fully to our Schindewolf Express bulk carrier business.

In June 2004, Schindewolf Express purchased a 5 acre farm and built a state of the art tank wash and maintenance facility.  Bulk tanks carrying plastic resin must be washed after every delivery. Finding without having complete quality control over the process, it could be putting the business in jeopardy.  By October 2004, with detail to quality, Schindewolf Express were washing  tanks, servicing equipment, and had grown to 5 trucks and trailers with 6 employees.

Over the next 10 years, Schindewolf Express grew becoming an industry leader in the plastic resin transportation and distribution in the North American Automobile Industry.

Growing again in January 2014, Schindewolf Express Headquarters was established in De Graff, Ohio, just 6 miles from the tank wash/shop facility. Dan and their son Chad continue to manage the Quincy facility daily, growing never gives anyone the opportunity to sit back and relax.  Even though there are now two facilities to manage, The Schindewolfs are blessed to have the Warehouse and Express business close enough that Dan, Suzie and their children can eat lunch together.  

The De Graff location became Schindewolf Warehousing.  This building, having been empty for many years, was in need of repair.  More work!  Everyone  had to help out more, but as a family and a family of employees everyone saw the challenges and worked harder.  In April 2014 an open house was held and just seeing all of the local community involvement and joy made the hard work worth it!

In December of 2015,  Schindewolf Warehouse celebrated it's birth of the warehouse dream and made the first shipment.  Between freight deliveries and the CSX spur , Schindewolf  Warehouse has shipped out over 20,000,000 lbs. of product with Zero quality incidents, Zero accidents and 100% quality satisfaction.

Between the Schindewolf Express and Warehouse business, there is now almost 60 employees, over 36 trucks, and over 50 trailers.  Traveling into 26 states and Canada every day comes with it's share of challenges.  With Suzie as the first ever woman chairperson of The Ohio Trucking  Association, and as a proud Women’s Business Enterprise member, obstacles are just challenges to be overcome.  

Schindewolf Express and Warehouse embrace diversity as an equal opportunity employer.